TERAPIA ELECTROSTATICĂ viaţa curge lin şi înfloritor, fără oboseală, stres şi boli.

High Potential:
1) Balance blood pressure, reduce blood fat and blood viscosity and purify blood;
2) Activate cells and increase the permeability of cell membrane;
3) Promote metabolism and gastrointestinal motility;

Negative Potential:
1) Replenish anion, enhance the bio electric energy and enhance the self-healing power of human body;
2) Excite the parasympathetic nerve, adjust the disorder of vegetative nerve, reduce blood viscosity and speed up the resolution of blood sugar;
3) Eliminate vasospasm, restrain the secretion of sympathetic nerve and activate the biological closed circuit;
4) Diminish inflammation, relieve pain, promote the healing of wounds, and eliminate sensibility and pruritus to give the skin luster and tension.

Intermediate Potential:
1) Improve the vitality of life and promote metabolism;
2) Promote the blood circulation of the whole body, improve immunity, burn fat and dissipate fatigue;

Negative Anion:
1) Activate all enzymes, and enhance Metabolic function of the organs;
2) Dissipate fatigue and nervousness, and relieve headache;
3) Insomnia; fidgets; dizziness; constipation;
4) Air cleaning, and retain freshness of food.

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